Scottish government tries to sell the idea of “positive poverty”

The Scottish government has recently passed their budget with the support of The Greens through Holyrood parliament.

The budget has been promoted as one which serves the interests of the Scottish people and fairly distributes cuts across Scotland to mitigate the impact on local communities.

However, our councils are already under immense pressure with their financial resources being consistently cut in real terms.

Cuts to our local councils are already scrapping the at the bone.  This affects everyone; because cutting into the bone endangers the ability for local councils to continue provide essential services to the community.

This impacts our communities from areas such as health and social care, education, and public facilities such as our community centres and local swimming pools. Scotland can’t afford to neglect the importance of our local councils in promoting the wellbeing and dignity of the communities which they serve.

The equality impact assessment commissioned by the Scottish Government does little to acknowledge the impact on our local communities; past and present.  They are being “positive about poverty”. 

The simple truth of the matter is that there isn’t anything left to cut.

Successive Scottish Government budgets have sliced local government finances down to the bone. 

Our local councils are scrambling; penny pinching in every direction and exposing the most marginalised in our society to further poverty.

The Scottish Government’s total disregard for the facts is utter negligence; you can’t be “positive about poverty” yet all we see is more gloss painting and ever cleverer spin doctory.  

Our essential services, provided by local councils, in our local communities, are meant to enrich lives.  Their purpose is to ensure wellbeing, opportunities for future development and personal dignity.

What we have now is yet another budget which will greatly diminish the quality of services throughout Scotland.  Being “positive about poverty” risks entrenching current problems further into the system, aggravating the demand for resources, and building the burden for future generations.

Our firm believes that the Scottish budget should be for all of Scotland, and that efficient governance requires the consultation of all those being negatively impacted by the budget. 

You cannot be “positive about poverty”.   

We ask that the Scottish Government and the Greens who supported the SNP in Parliament re-evaluate their equality and human rights impact assessments. 

There is no “positive in poverty”; yet both parties are willing to be ignorant of the truth. 

As it stands, our communities are alienated from politicians and discriminated against.  It’s time for politicians to stop spinning in their circles as a chattering class and look around and feel the harm brought by their inconsequential decision making.   

You cannot be “positive about poverty” we call on all politicians to realise that.