Scotland's mental health legislation to be reviewed

The Scottish Government has announced that Scotland’s mental health legislation will be independently reviewed to discern which sections of the legislation need to be amended to address the problems in our healthcare system.

Our firm welcomes this announces as major changes need to be made to find solutions to problems such as people continuing to fall through gaps in the system and budget cuts that strip frontline mental health workers of the resources needed to provide proper assistance.

Scotland’s mental health system has required an overhaul for a considerable amount time and must reflect the sentiments and needs of the Scottish people.

The Scottish people are becoming more conscious of the problems embedded in the current mental healthcare system as the stigma surrounding mental health continues to be challenged. These problems affect us all and any proposed amendments or legislation needs to properly understand the failures of the current system in Scotland.

The Minister for Mental Health Clare Haughey has stated that, ““The Scottish government is absolutely committed to bringing change to people’s lives and ensuring that mental health is given parity with physical health.”

“As part of the review we want to gather views from as wide a range of people as possible and I am determined to ensure that the views of service users, those with lived experience and those that care for them are front and centre so they can help shape the future direction of our legislation.”

The commitment to an inclusive consultation process is a major challenge, but one that could reshape Scotland’s mental health legislation, transform perceptions of mental health, reinforce the rights of those suffering from mental health problems and drastically increase the quality of care.

Our firm is hopeful that the review into Scotland’s mental healthcare system will discern current short fallings in our legislation and provide those that are being failed by the system a voice so that we can better understand where improvements can be made.