The impasse of Brexit highlights the needs for a People's Vote

It is now over two weeks since the originally scheduled leaving date for the UK from the EU (29th March 2019 at 11pm). We are at an impasse in our country’s constitutional history no one knows what is happening next; not the Prime Minister, not Parliament or even the British public.

Do you remember the promises and rhetoric that Brexiters and members of parliament bleated out during the referendum to whip up support against the backdrop of promises that address the real problems hindering progress in our country?  

The UK is currently in political freefall. The uncertainty of Brexit has caused a rift throughout the country by dividing communities and placing our economy on standby with future uncertainty. This isn’t the only tragedy in this instance, whilst Brexit focuses the minds of politicians, the media, economists and social policy makers, the rest of public policy remains on hold.  Homelessness, the NHS, education policy are just some areas totally subsumed by Brexit. 

Inequality, border control, austerity and a healthcare system which is inadequately prepared to face the challenges of the modern era are all examples of problems that Brexiters promised to solve through the implementation of Brexit; and those promises are beginning to appear more opaque and formless with each passing day.   

The promises made to the British public during the referendum included an additional £350 million per week for the NHS, increase our competitiveness in international markets and increased control over immigration. 

These are three of the most predominant promises made during the Brexit campaign, but, now, none of these promises appear feasible and the Brexit campaigns steam has been discerned as simple smoke and mirrors.

The impasse in parliament in the past months is proof of this, as ideological fractions continue to negotiate in bad faith and in their own self-interests. Let’s say for a second that all the above promises could be enacted and enforced immediately once Brexit is formally implemented and the UK’s status in the EU is no more. It’d be difficult to find an MP who’d vote against passing this bill, but this isn’t the case, as the figures and forecasts from a no deal Brexit suggest an increasingly harmful impact on the country.

Even the prospect of a Soft-Brexit isn’t enough for the Hard-line Brexiters whose chest thumping and passion would never extend to legislative discussions our healthcare system, disability support, and ensuring that young people are able to pursue opportunities across the world.

But promises had been made, and the Leave Campaign has doubled down on reinforcing the idea that the will of the people for decades to come can be enshrined in a single non-binding-referendum based on fraudulent, disingenuous and unfeasible promises.

For this reason, our firm has decided to voice our support for a People’s Vote on the matter of Brexit and getting the facts right before the UK decides its future.

Although our firm is a-political we are deeply concerned about the damage that Brexit has done to our country to date. For this reason, we cannot support a no deal Brexit.

None of the promises made prior to the 2016 referendum have been realised and our country was lied to. Brexit will not address any of the social problems affecting the public in their daily lives.  What we have now is a festering pool of nationalistic demagoguery with political opportunists hoping to protect their own interests before those of the British public.